Somebody once said ‘I’m falling apart’ not to me, not that I’m falling apart, but she said that she’s falling apart, and I said ‘Could we fall apart together?’. And, uh, I thought that was pretty sweet.
- Ville Vallo, about the first line in the song ”In Venere Veritas”: “Let’s fall apart together, now.” (via teamheartagram-himsters)

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“Science of the senses” pre-fall 13 by Alchemy

guidi sling bag.

I wish I could properly express this which I feel for you but for the longest time now the right words escape me. How everyday I wake up I worry about your well being and how my thoughts always go right in your way. How I’d never be more weight on you than you already have and everytime you need that sense of comfort I’ll be there to listen and understand. You’re not like anyone else, you’re not that stupid crush I had as a child, your words are not the empty whispers I hear everyday, your soul does not match the hollow chests of others. Infact you’re the one who will remain forever, whose words will repeat in my head to the melody of your soul. And I’d be a vicious liar if I didn’t say that when I see you I don’t breathe quite right, the electricity in my body spikes and causes me to go to places I’ve never even imagined. And I know you feel odd and weird but you have more than anyone could want and I love you with all that is me, every bone and cell screams your name. If someday it came to that I would never be able to see you again if I close my eyes even for a moment, I’d make sure to die with them open.


It doesn’t matter how much you care about someone; if they are a negative or destructive presence in your life, run away.

If they tell you they care and still consistently hurt you, run away.

Don’t sacrifice yourself simply because others throw around the word ‘love’.

This is so important.


Models Elise Crombez and Saskia de Brauw star in an edgy black and white editorial called ‘Metal Headz’ for the Interview Magazine March 2012 issue that features two auspicious black bowl cuts and dramatic dark lips. 

Stefan Khoo captures Tanya Katysheva for Style Singapore June 2012

I have not cried in a while now and it’s making me nervous. I feel like I need that rock bottom emotional hit once in a while because all I do now is stare off the edge and thrive for it.